Tuesday, March 10, 2015

London Bridge

Austin was playing with his Leapfrog Tablet today. He was listening to the songs and singing along. The song London Bridge came on and this was his version:

"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down, my bear lady."

I about died laughing. Bear lady!! Haha

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Newborn Photo Shoot

Brandon's sister was kind enough to take photos of us for Geoffrey's newborn photos. She did it over two days because she wasn't happy with the first set of photos. She also took a picture of Austin on his 4th birthday. I am very grateful for her doing this for us. I absolutely love the photos!

She took this the morning of his birthday. He was so excited to be 4!
This one is probably one of my favorites from shoot. I love my boys!

Thanks again Chloe! You are wonderful!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Geoffrey Perry Moller

Well, the baby has arrived!

Since I had the chance to choose which way to go, VBAC or c-section, Brandon and I decided to just schedule the c-section and then if I went into labor on my own before then I could try to do a VBAC. However, since I never progressed on my own with Austin, my chance for a c-section was very high. My doctor thought it was a good idea as well. He had his nurse call the hospital and get me scheduled. However, they didn't want to because they had a bunch scheduled. I was going to be on stand by on the 3rd, and then if they didn't get me in, then I would be for sure on the 5th.

I got a call on the 2nd at like 4 pm from the hospital wanting to schedule me for the next morning. I was very surprised they wanted me so early in the morning - 6:15 am - since they didn't want to originally schedule me.

We showed up, got all checked in, and they started my IV. I had to have two bags in me before the procedure. About an hour later they came to get me. My spinal block went great and they quickly started.

Geoffrey was being stubborn and wouldn't pop out. Brandon says they were punching my stomach to get him out (this resulted in so much bruising on him, his legs were purple!). I could feel a ton of pressure during all that, it kind of was like I was being beat up without all the pain.

He was born at 8:14 am. He came out with his tongue out, and the cord was wrapped around his neck once. After they got him cleaned up, he was working a little harder to breathe. They took him to the nursery to evaluate him. They thought he might need a CPAP but he started to do better.

He was 7 lbs 15 oz and 19.5 inches long.

My recovery went really well. As soon as they let me get up, I did. After 48 hours I was discharged. It was so nice to come home. The hospital wasn't allowing visitors 14 and under because of the flu. Austin, therefore, wasn't allowed to come see his brother or me. Austin was so happy to see me, and was so sweet with Geoffrey.

We are happy that he is here!!

Here are the boys, both minutes after they were born. I couldn't believe how alike they looked!

Monday, December 22, 2014


As we all know, kids can say some funny things. Here are a few from the past two hours.

As he runs around with one of his hot wheels:
Austin: "Watch this dad! Watch this style!"
Dad: "Where can I get that style?"
Austin "From your brain!"

During dinner:
"Dad, you hear that quietness? (Pause) That's my foot twinkling" (wiggling his toes)
*Brandon and I couldn't stop laughing at this one*

After dinner:
"I'm an Indian blower." - no idea where this came from

Austin: "Dad, tickle my feet."
Dad: "Tickle your own feet."
Austin: "I can't! Oh wait, I can!"

"My air bag!!" - talking about the bag for his camp chair

"Chicken and meat do not go together."

Earlier while making dinner:
Austin: "I am going to help you put baby brother in bed. It will be tonight, right?"
Mom: "Nope, about 2 weeks."
Austin: "Why not tonight?"

Talking about his Legos before dinner:
Austin: "I have an ax and a sword. I made the sword!"
Mom: "Who made the ax?"
Austin a little shocked I asked: "I did..."

Seriously, these were just in the past two hours. Sometimes I think we should just record what he says all day so we can remember it. We love listening to him!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

October FUN!

Well, October was a pretty great month! We had a blast doing so many things together.

First Austin is mastering his selfie.

He found all the letters of his name, and put them "in order." Aye, I hope we correct this backward word formation soon!

 Hee Haw Farms

We went to Hee Haw Farms for Halloween fun. Last year we went to Cornbelly's, which was fun, but overpriced. We decided to give this little farm in PG a try. It was just as fun for Austin as Cornbelly's would have been, and about have the price.

Tetherball was fun, but a little too high up for him.

They had a cute little petting zoo. These goats were crazy though. We were given a little cup of food for the animals, and they were pushing and fighting each other and pushing on us to get the food.

Of course there were tractors to sit on and pretend to drive. Austin loved that!

Then, there was this slide. They had burlap bags to sit down on when sliding down. At first Austin was not wanting to go up there. After about 30 minutes of being there he decided he was ready. He proceeded to go down about 10 times.

He loved playing in the corn kernel box. He could have spent hours there.

Thanksgiving Point

We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity one day while daddy was at work. I am so happy that we have a membership. It is so nice to just go there and play. Austin decided to be a monkey!

Spending time with Daddy

He loves hanging out with daddy after work. Seriously, he doesn't want much to do with me after dad is home, which is just fine with me. He needs that daddy time.

Jazz Game

We have some friends that had 6 tickets to a Jazz game and invited us to go along with them. Austin thought it was cool, up to a point. Then, he was done. However, I was able to get him back into it by cheering so loud with him the last 10 minutes. He thought all the little shows they did were cool. Brandon was a good sport since he doesn't really like sporting events. Going to the game made me miss my BYU days, attending the volleyball games and football games.

 The Red Barn

At the end of the month, Austin and I spent the day playing with the Taylor's. How we love hanging out with them. They took us to the Red Barn in Santaquin, got us donuts and ice cream, and just played for a few hours with us.

It was so nice when we went. They weren't starting the wagon ride for about an hour, but they decided to do it earlier for us. It was the three of them, the two of us, and a baby they were watching that day once we got to the play area. It was so nice to have the place to ourselves.

They had an apple launcher which Austin wanted to do over and over again.

Preschool Halloween

He was so excited to dress up and go to school the day before Halloween. They did some fun games, like pumpkin bowling and making tissue ghosts. They also did a costume parade to the park across the street and then a few little Halloween chants/songs. It was very cute!

Austin has two friends in his preschool class that are also in his church class. We were trying to get a picture of the three of them with their fabulous teacher but as you can tell from the rest of the photos that didn't happen.

On Halloween we went around the neighborhood for about an hour. He was having fun but after a bit you could tell he was melting. He was getting so tired that instead of running from house to house and saying trick or treat loudly, he was walking slowly and needed to be reminded what to say. We had such a good Halloween.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Domo Tailgating Party

Well, Brandon works for a pretty awesome company. Every year they throw a big tailgating party for the BYU vs. Utah game. However, since they aren't playing each other for a few years, they did the party for BYU vs. Utah State. This party was crazy!! Seriously, they rented out the electric park at Thanksgiving Point, had food trucks there, the BYU dunk team, Cosmo, bouncy houses, prizes, music, drinks, face painting, and balloon artists! All of it was provided by the company. I loved trying new food trucks since we didn't have to pay.

It was so nice to just go and have a blast. Austin absolutely loved it! He spent about 90% of the time doing "pumpy arms," which is just pumping his arms up and down to the beat of the music. He loved the bouncy houses. They had so many bouncy houses blown up that they weren't that crowded. I think they had about 10 different bouncy things.

The BYU dunk team was there and put on a little show. Cosmo even got in on the action. Austin loved Cosmo from a distance, but when he would get close it wasn't so awesome anymore.

This bouncy thing was hard for Austin to understand. He wanted to just use the rope to climb up, but that didn't work. He also isn't one to try something out of his comfort zone, so climbing this was a no go. However, he thoroughly enjoyed holding on to the rope.

To be honest, Brandon and I were a little surprised that Austin did this one. As I said, he doesn't like to go out of his comfort zone, and when we are places with tons of other people he normally likes to stay close by to us. This one had things you would crawl under, over, around, and then a thing to climb up to the slide. The first time we had to be seen by him almost every step of the way. Once he came down he turned and did it again. This happened about 6 more times! I was so proud of him. He didn't even have to see us to do it. He is getting more and more confidence.

He was unsure about the face painting, again comfort zone issues, and would only let them do it on his hand. He loved the football that she did!

It was such a fun day! Can't wait for more DOMO activities.