Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well this Thanksgiving was wonderful. Brandon's family was able to come into town which was nice because we weren't going to be leaving to see any family. On Tuesday night Aaron and Chloe (Brandon's siblings) and us went out to dinner at Red Robin. Then on Wednesday since there was no school, we went up to Park City. Brandon worked that day from about 9 to 5 so he missed out on the fun, but it was a good time. I love going to the outlets to get some shopping done.

That night Brandon's parents came into town, so we had dinner at Cafe Rio. I love that place. Thursday we spent the day at home, cooking and such. The food was great, and then we just sat around trying to figure out what to do. Chloe wanted to see New Moon really badly, so the parents were going to take us all. Brandon and I didn't want to see it, so we passed. Aaron's girlfriend just returned from her mission and her family just happened to be in Provo too, so he went over there to play games.

Friday, I didn't go shopping at all! I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping so I felt like I didn't have to venture out. Brandon changed the breaks on his car with his dad and brothers help. It was our good friend Cassie's birthday so we went to Village Inn to celebrate. I didn't want any pie, so I ate fruit instead. Brandon of course had pie. No surprise there!

Saturday was game day! First we helped a few friends move down to Springville and realized that we would like to have our own house, but we are not in that position. Then we watched the game. BYU vs. Utah! Legendary! It was a great game. Part way through we went out to dinner to Brick Oven and so the phone was on the table the whole time updating every 30 seconds so we knew what was going on. Then, since Brandon is in the Army ROTC at BYU they have to clean up a section of the stadium after a game. I was nice enough to go help him. We arrived with about 2 minutes on the clock and it was 20-17 BYU leading. I just stood there on the walkway cheering my head off. Brandon told me that we had to get over to the other side. So, when Utah took a timeout, I took off running, not wanting to miss a single second of the game. I watched as Utah tied it up with a field goal. It was wonderful to stand there and watch as overtime played out, and I was freaking out after Andrew George took off running to the end zone. I knew that we had won! I haven't been at the stadium for the past two seasons to see home games because season tickets are so expensive and Brandon doesn't love to watch them. He was laughing at me the entire time we were there watching the last part of the game. I am so proud to be a cougar!!

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