Wednesday, July 11, 2012

18 Months

Well, our sweet little boy is a year and a half. Austin is such a smart kid but he tries to push the limits. Lately he tries to climb up the couch onto the island. He thinks that he can just climb up and grab whatever he wants. Another thing is that he wants to look out the windows all the time but the blinds are down; the slats are open but he wants the blinds pulled up, so he tries himself. ;)

Playing with homemade playdough
Here is what Austin can do:
-Identify his head, feet, hands, belly, legs, arms, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, and nose.
-Knows the sounds that a dog, cat, horse, pig, monkey, duck, lion, bear, and bird make. Sometimes cow as well.
-He tries to jump but he ends up bouncing
-Use a fork pretty well, and getting much neater with a spoon
-Identify a car, tree, bird, grass, house, dog, flower, bug when we are out on a walk
-He will follow directions like get a book, find your water, clean up your toys, if he is in the right mood. ;)
-Can pull up his pants to just under his bum - progress!
-Is mostly potty-trained. He uses it to go pee-pee, but he holds in his poop until nap time so he doesn't have to do it in the potty.
-Climb on Gus - poor dog, he is soooo patient with Austin.
-Help unload the dishwasher, and load the dryer. He is very good at handing things to us and not dropping them on the floor.
-We say one, two, and he says three!

Passing out after playing hard with the Davis kids. We love their family!

His vocabulary is just taking off. Here is a list of what he can say:
mommy, daddy, puppy, duck, more, thank you (tank coo), bottle, more, please (pease), water (wawawawawa), blue (bo), purple, cheese, chicken (chicky), bear, bubble, spoon (poon), dinner (ninner), banana (nana), Jesus, church, day, yes, no, off, out, pee-pee, good, hot, cold, cool, down (dow), eat, yuck, baby, Pappy (what he calls Brandon's dad), Meme (what he calls my sister Amy), Gus, go, car, book, blanket (bookat), bird, dog, tree, done, ball, shoe, Gabba (when he wants to watch Yo Gabba Gabba!), keys, hat, bye, night (nigh-nigh), cookie, cracker, yummy, okay (k), house, bug, push, this, that, turtle, piece, bite, bonk, bottle, door and a few more.

Splash pad in South Ogden. He was sooo happy! Water baby for sure.

He also has a few signs down: milk, please, more, all done, hot, and cold.
We are working on: Thank you, baby, mommy, daddy, water, food, eat, drink.

Trying to put on his shoes. So helpful.

 We sure love this kid! He is such a good kid. We are very blessed to have him. We are excited to see what he will do next.

p.s. I will post his stats on Friday after his doctors appointment.

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