Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Domo Tailgating Party

Well, Brandon works for a pretty awesome company. Every year they throw a big tailgating party for the BYU vs. Utah game. However, since they aren't playing each other for a few years, they did the party for BYU vs. Utah State. This party was crazy!! Seriously, they rented out the electric park at Thanksgiving Point, had food trucks there, the BYU dunk team, Cosmo, bouncy houses, prizes, music, drinks, face painting, and balloon artists! All of it was provided by the company. I loved trying new food trucks since we didn't have to pay.

It was so nice to just go and have a blast. Austin absolutely loved it! He spent about 90% of the time doing "pumpy arms," which is just pumping his arms up and down to the beat of the music. He loved the bouncy houses. They had so many bouncy houses blown up that they weren't that crowded. I think they had about 10 different bouncy things.

The BYU dunk team was there and put on a little show. Cosmo even got in on the action. Austin loved Cosmo from a distance, but when he would get close it wasn't so awesome anymore.

This bouncy thing was hard for Austin to understand. He wanted to just use the rope to climb up, but that didn't work. He also isn't one to try something out of his comfort zone, so climbing this was a no go. However, he thoroughly enjoyed holding on to the rope.

To be honest, Brandon and I were a little surprised that Austin did this one. As I said, he doesn't like to go out of his comfort zone, and when we are places with tons of other people he normally likes to stay close by to us. This one had things you would crawl under, over, around, and then a thing to climb up to the slide. The first time we had to be seen by him almost every step of the way. Once he came down he turned and did it again. This happened about 6 more times! I was so proud of him. He didn't even have to see us to do it. He is getting more and more confidence.

He was unsure about the face painting, again comfort zone issues, and would only let them do it on his hand. He loved the football that she did!

It was such a fun day! Can't wait for more DOMO activities.

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