Friday, November 14, 2014

All good

Sorry for not posting the results of my test. I have known for about a week and just forgot. Granted, it has been a crazy busy week.

I PASSED!!! Yay!!

Only one of the draws came back slightly high. If it had been two then I wouldn't have passed. I am very grateful that everything is alright.

This pregnancy hasn't been all easy going. In fact, I am normally in some sort of pain. He likes to hang out by my tailbone, and I think he is farther back than Austin ever was. Therefore, my tailbone hurts constantly! He moves away from it sometimes and those times are amazing! I have also had the wonderful feeling like my muscles are tearing, like I am bursting open from the inside. That was by far the craziest feeling. I hate complaining though, so I just deal with it.

I have eight more weeks, but we are hoping for him to come early. Now, if we can just agree on a name!!! I have this fear that we will be coming home from the hospital without a name. We shall see....

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